Our Whale Diary

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2014_10_29_HAF_13_Heiður (7)Tour at 13:00 Report from Hafsúlan: The weather was only getting better when we sailed out on the bay, the sea was very flat which always helps us in spotting these animals when they come up to the surface to breath...

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2014_10_28_1300_Elding (2)Tour at 13:00 Report from Elding: again we departed from Grindavik and this time westbound. Again we sailed as far as we could but after about half an hour we came to an area that had such rough sea that we had to turn back and go east. We searched a bit to the east and found what may have been the same pod of harbour porpoises...

News from Elding

Imagine Peace Tower Illumination Ceremony08 October 2014

Videy Fridarljos Lennon -362-smallIt's that time of the year again and the excitement has built up for Yoko Ono's annual illumination ceremony for the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER. It will take place tomorrow on John Lennon’s birthday on 9th October, at 8PM. As has become tradition over the past few years, Yoko Ono invites guests to share a moment of peace, and witness up-close the spectacular illumination of the Imagine Peace Tower – a powerful dedication to John ...

Combining winter adventures26 September 2014

EL-26 ImaginePeaceNorthernLightsBRealizing that Iceland has a lot to offer we decided quite early on to offer the so called Combo Tours to guests that want to make the most of their time while in Iceland. This way guests can easily combine whale watching with some of the exciting adventures our collaborators are offering...




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