Our Whale Diary

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Report from Hafsúlan: The wind was getting less and less throughout the tour and the sun was lurking out between the clouds. On our way into the bay of Faxafloí we spotted a harbour porpoise. We waited for several minutes but the animal did not surface again and therefore we left for the inner part of the bay. Much bird life was visibile, which increased our hopes for a great whale encounter. Suddenly, a minke whale surfaced as close as 50 meters from us and moved in closer with every surface...

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

2014_08_26_1300_Hafsulan_ElinTour at 17:00 Report from Hafsúlan: This time around, we started the tour from Keflavík. Our passengers were driven from the old harbour in Reykjavík to Keflavík harbour and we headed out on the bay, aiming to end the tour in Reykjavík...

News from Elding

New book about whale watching20 August 2014

Wonders of whale watching in IcelandOur head naturalist, Megan Whittaker, recently published a book about whale watching. It captures some of the best moments of whale watching in Iceland with simple, fun factoids to answer those most frequently asked questions. It's a book full of photographs that says a ...

Deep Relaxation, Meditation, and Whale Watching08 August 2014

WhaleWatching-relaxation-gongNext Monday we're taking part in an exiting tour called: "Deep Relaxation, Meditation, and Whale Watching" organized by Arnbjörg Kristín Konráðsdóttir from Græni Lótusinn. The idea is to south the mind with meditation, relaxation and the sounds of the gong in our whale watching area. You may know that the sound of the gong is said to aid in relaxation as it resonates well with the human body and nature so it will surely be interesting to see how the cetacean react to it...




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